Weather – Foxfire

Acurite lightning sensor display

Lightning sensor in place

Model 01536


The reported data are from an Acurite Model 01536 sensor situated atop a pole in a relatively clear space in our back yard. As shown, it receives direct and uninhibited Sun rays and wind and rain. Data are reported via a Raspberry Pi 3 to the Weather Underground at KTXCOLLE170.

The temperature and rainfall data are compared with separate units located away from the Acurite and consisting of a Radio Shack remote outdoor thermometer and a cylindrical container for rain collection. Generally, the Acurite reported temperatures were higher than the air temperature measured with a thermocouple, probably due to residual structure heat.

The pole hosting the Acurite sensor initially was used to hold one end of a hammock, under a nice back yard shade tree. Once the tree died, a canopy was hung from a wire stretched from the post to the remaining tree stump.

For comparison, view data from the TAMU Astronomy Observatory weather station (just west of Easterwood Airport), or data from other local weather stations.

Water oak with drought stress showing in dry leaves. Once the tree died from drought, I had the trunk cut so as to string a shade over the hammock.
Water Oak Immediately after cutdown
WaterOak Cross Section
Weather station shown with site of dead water oak tree. At one time I counted over 30 trees dying and removed from our one acre property. 01/13/19

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