Multiverses and seeking our souls, with faith


Is music the language of the soul, as observes Rev. Will Johnson in the link below in 2015?

Warp speed demonstrated 

In an interview at the University of Virginia on 19 Oct 2021 Senator Bill Nelson, also NASA Administrator, endorses the likelihood of life in the universe other than our own. This endorsement comes at the end of the interview, approximately seven minutes from the end.

UFO’s, Ezekiel and Other Life

Ezekiel calls out the role of multiple universes in his description of the well cited “wheels in wheels” scenario as described in the following.

Ezekiel’s Travels and Encounters


Most Americans believe in Extraterrestrial life

John Wesley cites the Language of Scripture in referencing different heavens, and not the singular heaven in discussing the role of multiple universes in man’s relation to the Creator. He discusses three levels of the universe in relation to the lower sublunary heaven with the elements and the third level, the residence of the Creator. (The New Creation, Sermon 64, 1785).

Noting that human senses derive only from the physical world and give us no information on the invisible world,  Wesley cites faith as a “evidence of that unseen thing, my own soul.” (1788)

Wesley in 1783 observes “things which are not seen (such as the soul of man in particular) are eternal.” Wesley, Sermon 103, 1783. Further, “besides the souls of men there are other orders of spirits, …… millions of creatures walk the earth, unseen whether we wake or if we sleep.” Also, “The spiritual world, understanding thereby the kingdom of God in the soul of man.” (Wesley, Sermon 110, 1788).

J. B. Phillips (2009) presents a sermon where the multiverse concept describes the view of two angels looking back at Earth and discussing the condition of the universe and Earth and the presence of Jesus. 

Phillips multiverse 

Further, Phillips suggests that multiple universes are key contributors to the message of the New Testament. Specifically, he writes of Jesus’ resurrection  as reported in 1 Corinthians 15:6 as an example where Jesus moving from a heavenly universe to an Earthly one would be a quite plausible description of the event. (“Alive —- and Seen”, Phillips, Day by Day 1983, p. 96). Also, in “He ascended,” On p 103, he makes the argument that Christ would have experienced a complementary celestial dive from Heaven in descending to Earth and then returning to Heaven after the crucifixion (p. 103.).

Parallel Universes

The designation of parallel universe is not specifically one of direction or movement but rather of the consistence of a universe. The History Channel has an excellent presentation on this subject.

History Channel Parallel Universe 2021

Barr (2003) presents the argument of multiverses and the existence of man where, in quantum mechanics, multiple options and the case for a cosmic designer will always exist. This view also was expressed by Gingerich (2014). No proof, but strong support for the probabilistic nature and spiritual connection of the soul and multiverses.

In the final analysis, of course, we as individuals can only be concerned about what might happen in our lifetimes. If our behavior there is consistent with, for example, the teachings of Jesus, then that is all that we can do while we look to see the final outcome.

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Discussions below in Reflector on Meaning to be gleaned from Astronomical observations

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Matthew 12:32-36 English Standard Version (ESV)

32 And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

Ezekiel’s Travels and Encounters


Physical recovery of artifacts as reported by Ezekiel would certainly add credence to his writing 2500 years ago, as reviewed by Blumrich, 1973. Absence of that, however, does not prove that the events did not happen. Shifting sand and time may cover this evidence. Here, we will rely on reported and reviewed evidence to create a story. The long distance travels of the spaceships could undoubtedly be to and from another universe. Blumrich views Ezekiel as a very creditable source.

Ezekiel’s reporting covers a 20 year period including the decisive moment of 587 B.C.E. when Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar. During this time, Ezekiel reports many trips in the spaceship of the visitors, mostly around Earth. The spacecraft was powered by atomic energy and radio communication between the captain and crew occurred as needed. And, the captain left the command spacecraft carrying what could be interpreted as a laptop computer, for communication with the crew.

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