East Texas Philosophy

Items in here will include thoughts from wise persons emanating from this special place, the Piney Woods of East Texas. The Big Woods are a unique place within the Piney Woods. Even though I was born and raised in this area, I have found it hard to locate anyone claiming to be from there. If you asked someone where the Big Woods was located, they would always point to the East and indicate, over there, just East of here.

About 1966, a friend and fellow railroad buff, Joe Thompson, and I took a trip from Houston to Trinity, Texas to visit the remnants of the Waco, Beaumont, Trinity and Sabine Railway, the WBT&S or, locally known as, the  Wobbly, Bobbly turn over and Stop, hence The Wobbly.

WBT&S at Trinity

Originally, it was financed to run from Beaumont to Waco, hauling oil and other commodities from the port to the inland parts of Texas. Finances and reality limited it to a short line from Trinity to Sebastapol, and bankruptcy followed. But, it is an  interesting part of East Texas history. Enjoy these videos.   Video 2   Video 1

Joe H. Sharp, Jr., and his wife Brenda, live on a small lake near Big Sandy. We have been friends for some time, our mothers introduced us before we could walk, I expect, but I cannot remember that far back. Linked below are some recent writings of Joe’s. which are very thoughtful and expressive. Enjoy!

Some Things I think I Think

and, Some more Things I Think I Think 2020

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